Dale Neef

Dale Neef is an author and strategic technology consultant who advises organizations and communities on "Smart Cities" and autonomous vehicle infrastructure and policies, municipal broadband, and other digital economy issues.


A specialist in transportation and supply chain technologies and e-government, Dale has been a technical consultant for the Asian Development Bank, has worked for IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation, and was a fellow at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation. A veteran facilitator, he has conducted executive planning workshops with corporate and municipal teams in more than sixty organizations worldwide, and has taught at a variety of institutions, including Cornell University, the junior college and New York State prison systems, and at the International School of Management in Paris.


A frequent contributor to journals, and a regular speaker at technology conferences, Dale earned his doctorate from Cambridge University, was a research fellow at Harvard, and has written or edited eight books on the economics of knowledge and data management and the role of technology in economic development and society.


Dale is a member of the American Planning Association’s Smart Cities task force and was on the International City/County Management Association’s Digital Strategies Advisory Board.

Books by Dale Neef


"...Dale Neef has given us the best outline yet of the forces behind this extraordinary change in the world economy, the threats and opportunities we all face, and the prizes that await the winners."

             - Hamish McRae, author, The World in 2020,  

              Associate editor, The Independent, London


"Renowned digital expert Dale Neef clearly explains...what Big Data really is, and what's new and different about it..."

              - FT Press


"For any company, large or small, that is considering jumping into the Big Data arena, this book (Digital Exhaust) is a must read. It provides insight and detailed explanations of many areas often overlooked by companies first dabbling in Big Data technologies."

- Kim Mays, ITBusinessEdge


"In Digital Exhaust, leading digital expert Dale Neef cuts through the breathless enthusiasm and dystopic sci-fi visions, placing Big Data in a realistic context that reflects the larger technological and economic processes that are changing our world."

- FT Press


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