From Smart City to Smart Town and Suburb: The Connected Autonomous Vehicle Economy

Smart Technologies


Big Data, the Cloud, Autonomous Vehicles, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet - it's all part of an unprecedented era of digital data expansion that is providing opportunities for Smart City technologies - broadband and sensor-based applications that are changing a municipality's approach to everything from revenue collection to public safety and traffic congestion. 


Small Town and Rural Participation in the Connected AV Economy


Yet not all of America has the infrastructure to take advantage of these new smart city technologies. Many small towns and rural communities remain frustrated with a growing digital divide caused in part because of the lack of broadband speed and reliability.


Like high-speed broadband, shared and autonomous vehicles are going to be key to economic development and prosperity in the future - and neither should be seen as exclusively a "Smart Cities" phenomenon. Satellite suburbs and small towns need to be at the heart of the new connected economy, and no one benefits from broadband or autonomous technologies stopping at the big city lines.    

DNA Data Solutions can help your municipal and local business leaders with important autonomous vehicle education and strategic planning assistance through their "Connected Autonomous Vehicles 101" seminar.


Created for City Council members, mayors, planners, economic development officers, city administrators, transit agencies, interested consumers, citizens and local businesses, the "CAV 101" workshop provides a high-level overview of the policy and infrastructure changes that satellite cities, small towns, and rural communities should be thinking about as they move into the Connected Autonomous Vehicle Economy.