Big Data . Will it supercharge the economy, and revolutionize how companies compete? Will it tyrannize us all, as governments and businesses track and anticipate our every move? Or is it all just hype?


In Digital Exhaust, leading digital expert Dale Neef cuts through the breathless enthusiasm and dystopic sci-fi visions, placing Big Data in a realistic context that reflects the larger technological and economic processes that are changing our world.


Neef explains how Big Data works, what can be done with it, and what it all really means. Neef shows how an emerging Big Data-intelligence complex is innovating at a pace that is increasingly difficult to absorb or regulate. Then he assesses the implications: not just for civil liberties and personal privacy, but for businesses, the economy, law, and even geopolitics.


Digital Exhaust offers realistic insights for anyone involved in the business, technical, or policy aspects of Big Data projects, and for anyone affected by Big Data…in other words, just about everyone.


Big Data: much more than the sum of its parts
The power of convergence: Consumer Internet, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things


Big Data and the battle for control
How Big Data is reshaping global communications platforms: Internet, mobile, and TV


Inside the world’s biggest databases: who’s tracking you now?
Who’s collecting Big Data—and what they’re doing with it


Previewing the new Internet of Things
Smart parts, wearables, drones, and much more


Doing business in a Big Data world
Obstacles to success with Big Data projects—and how to overcome them


Digital Exhaust is today’s definitive Big Data primer on the implications of Big Data, digitally driven innovation, and the accelerating Internet Economy.