The complete guide to Web-enabled procurement...


Dale Neef covers it all—from making the business case to designing the solution, managing the risks to reaping the benefits. He begins with an up-to-the-minute overview of the promise of B2B e-procurement in supporting globalized, extended enterprises and reviews options for deploying e-procurement, including sell-side one-to-many systems, buyer-managed/hosted markets, independent portals, online trading communities, vertical and horizontal e-markets, auctions, reverse auctions, ASPs, and more.


Topics include:

  • Making the business case for e-procurement: process efficiencies, compliance, leverage, and beyond
  • e-procurement models: sell-side, buyer-managed, vertical and horizontal e-markets, ASPs, auctions, and more
  • Designing the optimal e-procurement solution
  • Identifying the most appropriate role for integrators and consultants
  • Leading approaches, from ERP-centered solutions to enterprise application integration
  • e-procurement opportunities in the public sector
  • Key pitfalls, areas of risk-and proven solutions             

In e-Procurement: From Strategy to Implementation, Dale Neef has written the essential start-to-finish guide for transforming e-procurement from promise to a very profitable reality...